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Broken Ninja's Cleaning

Welcome to Broken Ninja's Cleaning

Welcome to the Jack of All Cleaners web page on the Rutakus Network site. Broken Ninjs's Cleaning was created for our cleaning services where we decided to give it it's own name. Broken Ninjs's Cleaning is your best and one spot to get your house or building cleaning done. We include recycling to all customers as NO EXTRA COST. We believe that we all need to do our part in making our environment sustainable. We clean just everything that is needed. 


1. Residential Cleaning Basic services (You have your own supplies): Prices are starting st $35 a hour. Contact us here: for service setup and available days. Thank you.

our supply pricing coming soon...



If you came here from the domain name called we are currently selling this domain name for anyone who needs a good name for a business. sale price is starting at $1500

comes with the following advertising credits 100000 website views, banner impressions and text link impressions to get your business started. You ads will be displayed on one or all of our advertising web site(s)


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PeeTree Ad Network

Welcome to the PeeTree Ad Network Web page


Welcome to the PeeTree Ad Network (PeeTreeAdNet for short web page and sub company of Rutakus. PeeTree Ad Net was created in memory of a friend of mine who had past away too young of an age. So I wanted to make something cool with a name of his that all of us used to call him. One of many but this one I want to make it sound cool for him. So what we do here is we are an advertising network. At the moment we provide a means of getting human views to your web page/site, video(youtube, etc) or any other thing available online. 

Here is a list of our Network web sites where you can get your views from. 

Our Traffic Exchange: Rutakus Pixel TE (Traffic Exchange) / Rutakus Pixel Te support forums

Our Paid to Click Network sites: 

 Our Pixel Ads site: TeamJr Pixels

Computer Services

Welcome to our Computer, smartphone, and other electronic devices falling under this category.


PC computer spyware/virus removal and repair prices start at $75 and goes by the hour. Most issues are solved within an hour though. price doesn't include the case of parts. Parts or computer components need to be ordered. (we do offer bundle prices with other services when purchased together contact us for more info) PC REPAIR VIRUS REMOVAL SPYWARE REMOVAL ADWARE REMOVAL PART REPLACEMENTS $75 hr.


Computer Repair/Etc services by support ticket (BETA Stage) our new service introduction testing price: $45 and get actual human support by online support ticket so you can get help anytime online. Support ticket replies are answered within 24 hours of your reply. Currently accepting PayPal for service payment options. Support Ticket system is secure and using SSL (secure socket layer i.e. the little lock icon in web site address bar).Here is our ticket system just open your ticket and we can get started: Human Tech Support by Support Ticket

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments now being accepted and we are using Coinbase for our cryptocurrency wallet. All prices are in USD we are currently accepting the following cryptocurrency coins:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin.


Welcome to Rutakus Network & Rust of All Trades Service's Main Page

Welcome to the Rutakus Network/Empire Services main directory page where you can find all the pages for all the different services we offer. Yes we are kind of like a "jack of all trades". We as a business try to stay as opened minded as possible to ensure the survival of our company and ensures our employee have jobs and can get the hours and income they need. Anyways this page is basically like a table of contents for our offered services web pages.


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