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  • Friday, 06 July 2018
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    Russell Lukach-Krueger
  • Saturday, 20 July 2019
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    Russell Lukach-Krueger
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Welcome to the PeeTree Ad Network Web page


Welcome to the PeeTree Ad Network (PeeTreeAdNet for short web page and sub company of Rutakus. PeeTree Ad Net was created in memory of a friend of mine who had past away too young of an age. So I wanted to make something cool with a name of his that all of us used to call him. One of many but this one I want to make it sound cool for him. So what we do here is we are an advertising network. At the moment we provide a means of getting human views to your web page/site, video(youtube, etc) or any other thing available online. 

Here is a list of our Network web sites where you can get your views from. 

Our Traffic Exchange: Rutakus Pixel TE (Traffic Exchange)

Our Paid to Click Network sites: 

 Our Pixel Ads site: TeamJr Pixels