Rutakus ad Net Opened partly & new site

 Mr.Ruste    24 Jan 2016

Rutakus ad Net Opened partly & new site

So I know have haven't post any news in a bit but its not like you guys really need news all the time regardless if content is king LOL. Anyways, we have opened (gone live) our new online advertising community and our ad network store. The web site is called Rutakus Advertising Network (Now called Peetree Ad Network) or Rutakus Ad Net for somewhat short LOL. But Rutakus ad net is basically a clone of our old site and we actually imported all the old articles and put them in the Atomblogic archives. Member registration is still not opened up just yet as we are still busy working on some of the configuration. Well we actually have a lot of that going on in all of our sites but I would also like to welcome a new website to our network and company. I would like to welcome our very first and own traffic exchange web site called Rutakus Pixel TE and we will be doing a big traffic purchaser special after beta exchange is over (fully open and configured to norm) for 1,000,000,000 web site hits, hopefully by mid Feb to the latest.

Last bit is we have be adding video tape to digital conversion and professional dvd/blu-ray authoring services and pricing will be posted soon.

Also Rutakus is proud to announce LLC status

Thanks for reading.