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About Rust Of All Trades & Rutakus

Welcome to the about us page (Rutakus & Rust of all Trades). Who are we you may ask? Well, it’s not an easy answer as a lot of changes have been made to make the idea evolve and hopefully withstand almost anything. Let’s take a look back at Rutakus which is the beginning of what we are now. Rutakus first started as a computer repair company without any capital and really hasn’t been doing a lot of movement as I the owner (Russell Lukach-Krueger) have been trying to plan and make things work while either working or trying to find a job to support myself. I start slowing working my way into other tech avenues like domain names and selling web site services. Organic Hippy Hosting SHH!! is the our web hosting/domain name services side of our company .  Rutakus, the name itself came from my nerdy things in my life. It’s pronounced Roo-Ta-Ku us which came from Otaku and part of my online user name on Anime and game web sites Ru-Kun. So I guess you can basically say that Rutakus is or at least started out as a tech company, computer repair and such.

            Since 2010 when I first started Rutakus I have seen a lot of things that slowly made my idea form as it is today and Rutakus has become a kind of jack of all trades type of company. Well that is at least my goal as I think creating a place for people to get more hours doing more then one trade and also allowing the customer not to have to go to more than one company to get the products they want or the services then done. So sometime last year I came up with Jack of all cleaning for the cleaning side of my business that is in the process of being implemented. This isn’t our only goal for creating a “of all trade” type company. Our other goal is for our employees (at this time we only have contractors). With the way our world is working and the way our economy is having options for people that are able to work more than one trade in would be a better idea. For example, if there is less hours in one area of labor, an employee can pick up hours elsewhere if they have the skills or want to be trained in that area. Maybe we are trying to create multi-purpose human beings. Anyways, over the last couple of months of 2018-2019 I had came up with a new name trade name Rust of All Trades. Rust for me as some people call me Rusty and we got the dot com for the domain name and registered it with the state of Washington for a trade name under our Rutakus business name.

            What do you do here at Rutakus/Rust of All Trades? Well we are a multi-purpose company, “rust of all trades” with multi-purpose human beings. First as is was our first service offerings is tech services; like computer repair, smart device repair, software install services, connecting/troubleshooting internet connections and connecting/troubleshooting other electronics’ such as surround sound, gaming consoles, other household electronics. Other tech type products and services include web/app hosting, domain names and other such products and services for getting an online presents or start a business/brand.  We also have some plans to start developing our own apps. We also do web site development or sell premade web site templates. Also, we are providing support services for websites and web servers such as backups, fixing server configuration issues, or things such as searching for infected code or SEO (search engine optimization) of a web site/app.

            Even though I the owner/creator of this business, company, or idea I still will hate cleaning. But sometimes you just got to do things you don’t like to do. So this being said Rutakus is kind of the tech side of my embodiment of an idea. Rust Of All Trades will describe the rest. We are starting out by offering cleaning services, simple landscaping, or small projects. We are doing discounts on bundling products and services since the bundling is the thing. This will make us also have humans that can multi-task to get all your projects/honey do list done. Or in a business getting the extra help where you need it. Heck maybe we can even offer a rent an employee option. LOL