Welcome to 2019 Big Changes for Rutakus

 Mr.Ruste    22 Jan 2019

So I know I have posted any updates recently as I been putting work on some of our other sites including fixing some issues some other sites.

So I know I have posted any updates recently as I been putting work on some of our other sites including fixing some issues some other sites.  So I have been doing a lot of thinking of how I want this business/brands to grow. How can I do something new with some of the stuff I already am doing? How can I bring new things in and make them work with existing stuff? As I want my company to grow and want to make something that I have built and improved or evolve it.

This being said I would like to first said belated Happy New Years. My other job has me busy as well. But I believe 2019 is going to be a big year for the Rutakus Network in that we are basically kind of changing out main company name but it will still be Rutakus. This jack of all trades thing has been nagging me so I came up with Rust of All Trades. In fact I bought the dot com top level domain name and now http://rustofalltrades.com brings you to the main page on here on Rutakus.net. Right now we offer computer/smartphone repair and other tech services, housecleaning services, software sales, online advertising sales, web hosting, domain name sales, SSL certificate sales and other hosting services. We have some web site templates for sale but not a large amount at this time. I’m working on web site templates to sell soon as well. Landscaping service are coming soon as well. I’m also planning on working with some local trusted business that I have used and would continue to use and maybe an affiliate type of thing so Rust of All Trades / Rutakus can have services available and make money promoting other local businesses and make it easier for my clients/customers to not have to go to other place and search around for reviews and al that other stuff. I think we will be doing app and software development as well I have a couple app ideas I’m going to try and start working on here soon.

So one idea has to do with truly striving to be a sustainable as possible as we know we can’t eliminate our foot print we can do our best to reduce it and promote others to the same as in my 39 years on this planet someone will always try and can make something better. At least in most cases. I’m not ready to go completely public with my full idea yet. But here in my home office and our main location for Rutakus / Rust of All Trades I’m recycling. The house I’m doing my best to upgrade and get things more “green” or environmental friendly house. Home office computers are shut down and not left on all the time. I’m working pretty hard on bring the yard back to a more nicer and greener for bees and what not considering when I got the house in owner contract we had to wait for them to apparently kick meth heads out of this house now I’m in the process of trying to get a loan of the full payment for the house so we can start making the world more greener. This is a special house for the idea but I am planning on building some bumble bee boxes to help save the bumble bee.

Last bit of another idea I wanted to discuss is the idea of actually building a disabled fund for employees when I start being able to hire some with the tax breaks businesses get. As I have my own disability that if I was on disability the other company I work for as well at the moment would be getting that credit. I think that is a deserved credit in my opinion. Anyways, it’s getting late here at the offices of Rutakus / Rust of all Trades. I got to go to bed

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