Merry X-mas (for those that celebrate) Random Post #19872VFA

 Mr.Ruste    23 Dec 2015

Merry X-mas (for those that celebrate) Random Post #19872VFA

Well it's almost the end of the year and all I can say is I have been through a lot in the past couple of years in my personal life dealing with my car accident injury from Fedex which has changed my life forever. But one thing i can say is I doing my best to manage my pain which is making it a bit easier to continue my business, and soon I will have staff to help out XD. Anyways, I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas for those that celebrate it. I hope you guys stay safe and for those that have snow in their area drive safe during the holidays.

So the first thing I would like to mention is Rutakus is now a LLC and our registered name is Rutakus LLC but we still have the Rutakus by itself trade name for our branding. Our LLC was made official 12-14-2015 and I just changed the business license the other day. So there will be some back-end changes that you guys really won't notice accept that we are planning out some of the other service offerings. Some of the service we planning, landscaping projects, housecleaning project, data entry, cataloging. We are planning/building up a concept called the yard/house cleaning tech guys. So it would be like a housecleaning with experience in virus removal, computer repair, electronic device setup. Basically multi-purpose human being.

As some may know we have been working on bring back a lot of our network/company websites. We got some online but back end work is still being done, link on Atomic PTC and Offers And Clicks. We  are not bring back as it is replaced by our new site Peetree Ad Network. We are also please to announce some new websites we have added to our network and company. The first one being Productions of the Human Mind which is going to be kind of like a creative label/community. Our goal on that web site is to provide a place for artist (especially indie artist), musicians, writers, painters, woodworkers, and any type of artists. I will be sharing my music there and starting up my little thing called donation music. Basically donate what you think my music is worth or download it it for free. Well you can download it for free anyways. The only thing I charge for is commercial use of my music or loops. More details will be available once the site goes live. Right now it's in a maintenance mode page as I'm doing a lot of configuring and back end work. Plus I'm still working on the design.

Anyways, I got to get going as I'm trying to multi-task by scanning old receipts as I haven't had a good working printer for a while. I have an old HP but drivers for win7 where not that great. And I was running Windows XP Pro 64 bit for a while and that HP printer didn't even have a driver for it. Disc wouldn't install cause Service Pack 3 wasn't installed, no such thing on WinXP Pro 64bit. So 3-4 years receipts to get caught up on. LOL