Updates And New Hosting Company in the works

Hello everyone, Russell the owner/creator here.

Hello everyone, Russell the owner/creator here. Not much going on here just mainly some back end work. But, I am planning on doing some major work on the Rutakus/Rust Of All Trades website. I just have been super busy working on launching our new web hosting website and new addition to our awesome little company. I have been pretty busy as I have been having to work a second job to survive as things have been tough since Covid but it is getting there. 

Now, I much say from back when I first started build, running and administrating websites e107 was my first CMS (content management system) and it has improved so much. I had stopped using it a while back due to a security flaw which has been fixed since then. Rutakus is now powered by this and we are going to have some interesting feature I hope. I'm using Wordprees for a couple of my site and our front end of the upcoming web hosting company suing Drupal. I have used Joomla and many others. I believe.

Now, I'm going to make this short as I got a lot to do and will be going to sleep here pretty soon. So I will try to post some more updates.