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Busyness but we are here -Rutakus Pixel TE

So there really does seem to be much going on for us as far as playing around with Rutakus Pixel TE in our back our or even the work on our layout/design/theme. For those that don’t know I the owner or the entire Rutakus company I do work another job and 47 a week at that. So there really isn’t a need to do too much messing around. I’ve been busy working on my other 2 PTC site as in getting the old databases imported in to the new script has been time consuming. Also I been trying to fix the forums on our main company site so that you guys have more means for support.

So I have decided to lower the prices on credits in the store. Soon I will be adding my Bitcoin and Litecoin and maybe other cryptocoins. But for right now we only have Paypal. I will be adding Skrill too soon hopefully. The current script is out of date on payment processors so I might be looking in to maybe a new code for site but for right now I think I might manually do cryptocoins Bitcoin and such. I also do plan on doing a better design/layout for the site but I’m just trying to get a bunch of other things done. In a sense I have a lot going on. But I will be trying to get some staff here soon.

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