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User Registration Opened

So I have opened up user registration to start getting some feedback in to the system while e getting everything else configured and what not. And I will say that I will be looking for a remote staff position which will be a contractor type of position but could become full time employment depending on my company growth. Which I'm working really hard lately to increase income and growth. I'll post more about that later. Anyways, please feel free to join our site. NO HOTMAIL or other Microsoft email account due to our email being block. Accounts signing up with these type, (outlook, hotmail, msn, live) will be deleted. Sign up for Google gmail it's free as well and better. Yahoo email are also not allowed please. But just to be sure you can receive our email add our emails accounts or a wild card to your safe list for our domain.

How to add our wildcard: just type *

System emails:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Those would be the only two that some from the site unless you contact one of use other way then it would be best to use a wildcard for our domain.

Thanks for reading.



Welcome to the New Rutakus

Welcome to the Rutakus main company web site also known as Rutakus Network or my new favorite name Rutakus Empire. Anyways for those who have know or have sen my small little company be what it was for a while now it's time to change and kick it up a notch. Our first site sad I lost my dot com domains and the bastard are selling it for lot o money I believe they even tried to sell it back to me. I had health and personal issues that were needing my attention which is why I'm in the process of kicking it up a notch I might import old content but I think I might just let it go. So first we are still doing a lot of work on this site and other of our company network web sites. So our first site ran on Drupal which is a content management system for websites, CMS for short. Our new site is build on Joomla another CMS. So we are still in that work process are live now if you able to see this. You guys can get to this web site by, and of course, I will eventually get the dot come back for this site but I think I will make the dot net the main one and all the other redirect to this site.So we will now have a community forums her. Well at the moment I'm the only one running things (Russ Lukach-Krueger) but I can hire contractors now. Document can now be download from our secure server. So what we do here is computer repair, cleaning, landscaping and basically a jack of all trades type of thing. In fact since the dot come was taken for jack of all trades I got the which also redirects here as well but I have it for sale for $10000  if someone wants to pay that amount and trust me I probably not going to sell it. Anyways, I was really just trying to post this to get the home page stuff test and well maybe post commenting if we get that site up before we open the site. Thanks for stopping in

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